Congress and Rahul see backward community as a bunch of thieves, this is serious matter: PM Modi


NEW DELHI: A recent poser by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, asking why “all Modis are thieves,” has drawn a sharp reaction from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM said this was an insult to his as also other backward communities, as the new leader from the Nehru family has called them all “thieves.” 

The PM said the Congress has been ridiculing him for the past many years for the reason that he was not born in a forward caste family, but in a poor backward community home.”Such insults are not new to me… but I cannot keep quiet when an entire community is being defamed,” he said.

In a political rally four days ago, Rahul Gandhi had said there were Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and there was also a Narendra Modi… all thieves..”Why is it that all thieves are having the Modi name,” he asked, also adding, “If you search, there will be more of Modis as thieves.” He said PM Modi took Rs 30,000crore from Rafale deal and gave it to Anil Ambani, the company-approved agent in the Rafale fighter jet deal with France. In all, 36 Rafale jets are being purchased by India. 

Commissions are part of all defence contracts abroad, and some reports said the Indian Government, or PM Modi who was also involved in the deal, proposed that the commission agent in the deal should be an Indian, not an outsider, as was the case with Bofors and similar defence deals in the past. Some Italians were prominently involved in the deal, done at the time Rajiv Gandhi was the PM. Allegations were that the Italian family of Sonia Gandhi was involved in the deal and pocketed the hefty commissions. 

While investigations into the Bofors deal reached nowhere, the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi are using the Rafale allegation to prove Modi did the same as what Rajiv Gandhi had done — so as to erase the Bofors slur on the Nehru family, it is alleged by PM Modi himself. 

BJP says that “while Rahul calls Modi a thief, vis-a-vis the Rafale deal, he is also conveniently forgetting the same slur could apply to his parents as well; or he thinks public memory is short.” 

It says unnecessary fuss is being made about Rafale deal, and everything was in black and white, and there was no hidden deal or transactions. The Congress however alleges that the Rafale contract was signed with higher prices than what the previous UPA government had proposed — under which the local intermediary was proposed to be Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, who would co-produce the aircraft. The NDA government was of the view that HAL did not have the required technical expertise to handle this job, and hence the original proposal was shelved and a new contract signed. 

The Modi government and some former defence chiefs say the delay in the purchase of the Rafale ji-tech jets cost the India dearly, in terms of its preparedness on the air defence front. IHN-NN


A Modi campaign rally Madhya Pradesh

A Modi rally in Bihar

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