COLLAPSE: Foot overbridge near CSMT station collapses, six killed and many hurt; corruption the root cause

MUMBAI: Six persons were killed and over 30 others injured as a foot-overbridge collapsed outside the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus  (CST, or VT Station as it was previously known), on the Central Railway side Thursday evening. Police said, “the foot over-bridge connecting Platform 1 at its north end, linkinig BT Lane near the Times of India building collapsed.” The collapsed link led upto the Azad Maidan Police Station. Among the dead were two women, who were staff of the GT Hospital. 

The part of the bridge fell on the vehicles plying on the busy road down below, injuring some of the motorists too. 

Police said the dead were Apoorva Prabhu, 35; Ranjana Tambe, 40; Bhakti Shinde, 40; Tapendra Singh, 35; Mohan G Kaygunde, 55; and Zahid Shiraj Khan, 32.

The bridge was built in 1984, and a safety audit had been carried out on this bridge some six months ago, as part of a wider exercise to ascertain the safety of bridges in the city, and after the collapse of the Andheri bridge. 

A bridge near to the Elphinstone road railway station had collapsed some time ago.

Another foot-overbridge had collapsed at the Andheri station on the Western Railway segment of the local rail transport system a few months ago. The blame was both on the railways and the civic corporation for the frequent mishaps and sub-standard contract works for various infrastructures. Both the railways and the Brahim Mumbai Municipal Corporation are riddled with corrupt practices, and tenders are fixed through foul means, as per allegations. In the case of the railways, railway union leaders are part of the corruption rackets.

Under the Modi government, railway services have hardly improved in most sectors, and the evil of corruption continued to plague the commercial sections in particular – an extension of the corrupt days of the UPA period, when then railway minister Pavan Kumar Bansal had to resign at the height of expose of a scam in recruitments. IHN-NN


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