AZHAR BAN: China helps Pakistan, blocks UN resolution against Azhar again. Question: Why Modi govt raised expectations now, as China was bound to do this

NEW DELHI: Quite expectedly, India has failed again in bringing to book the dreaded Pakistan-based terrorist Masood Azhar, who heads the notorious Jaish e Mohammed outfit, through a UN resolution. China yet again blocked India’s attempt to declare him a global terrorist. It stepped in a few hours before the resolution’s planned introduction in Security Council, by saying Beijing needed more time to consider the matter. 

China has been helping Mohammed Masood Azhar Alvi escape the arms of global law, by way of helping its all-weather ally Pakistan, for years now, despite serious objections and persuasions from India. Question to the Modi government is why it raised expectations again this time, with no change in ground situations vis-a-vis China-Pakistan collusion. 

In the latest act of provocation against India, Masood Azhar had ordered the Pulwama suicide bomb attack on a CRPF convoy which killed over 40 soldiers last month, which led to an IAF strike on the Balakot camp of the Jaish. Jaish is aided overtly and covertly by the notorious Pakistani military intelligence, the ISI, with tacit support from the political establishment there.

Notice for the resolution, Resolution 1267, was given by France, UK and the US on February 27, a day after the Balakot IAF bombing. Security Council panel had 10 days to raise any objections, but no objection was raised. Yet, shortly before the taking up of the resolution for passage, China blocked the attempt.

China is blocking India’s attempt on this for the third time, by using its veto power in the Security Council and making the SC put the resolution “on hold” – and this would mean it again be on hold for upto nine months. After this, if India tries this again, China could do the same. India wants Azhar be declared a global terrorist and his Jaish outfit banned by the UN. With Chinese resistance, UN is no mood to do this.

China is thwarting UN action against Masood Azhar, despite active US support for action against the terrorist. India, many feel, is barking up the wrong tree by taking the UN route to target Azhar, as UN is increasingly proving to be irrelevant in playing a positive role in global affairs. Successive Indian leaderships – which head governments – are simply buying time by repeatedly moving the UN on this matter.

Even Balakot, which prime minister Modi and the BJP claims credit for, has not hurt Pakistan in any noticeable way other than for a loss of face for it in India managing to reach its fighter planes to some 80km inside its territory from the border/LoC, but causing no harm to Pakistan, per se. 

PM Modi obviously did not want to take a major risk and avoided stronger action as the crucial season of Lok Sabha polls are approaching. Hence, the touch-and-go in Balakot, bombing what was said to be a terrorist training centre. India’s failure to take strong actions against Pakistan is emboldening the Islamic nation to keep playing more mischief against India with no material damage to it. 

This is also giving the halo of a hero to Masood Azhar. Notably, the Indian establishment, from the Sonia-Manmohan time to the Modi era — demonstrates a spinelessness, a lack of resolve to handle the enemy in strong ways. The Modis and Manmohans have been using the UN route as a cover to hide their lack of guts to act on their own. Now, Rahul Gandhi is blaming Modi, but Modi is following a meek policy vis-a-vis Pakistan set by his party, his mother and his party’s PM Manmohan Singh.  

The original resolution 1267 had been unanimously adopted in October 1998, against terrorism in Pakistan, and this was being modified through a dozen resolutions in successive years, but to no effect at all. –IHN-NN

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