LS POLLS: Rahul Gandhi charms college girls in Chennai as part of campaign tour of the South

CHENNAI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi, taking the form of a rock star, charmed college girls at an event at Stella Maris College here to drum up support for him and the Congress party on Wednesday. Rahul Gandhi told the over 3000=strong gathering of girl students as also others that his party would ensure 33 per cent reservations for women in all government jobs.”I do not see many women in jobs,” he said. 

The Congress chief said he was game addressing such a large gathering of women, but, he paused: “How many times have you seen PM Modi standing in the middle of 3000 women like this?”

Rahul Gandhi took questions from the girls, and asked one of them not to address him as Sir, but simply as Rahul. 

The Congress leader lambasted the Modi government for not helping provide jobs to the youths across the country, while China is providing a lot of jobs to its youths. When China generated 50,000 jobs, the India under Modi generated just 450 jobs, he ridiculed. 

Rahul Gandhi is on a whirlwind tour of the southern states, touching down in Chennai, then flying to Thiruvananthapuram, from there to Cape Comorin, and later to the northern districts of Kerala for party events tomorrow. He would address a Maha Rally of the Congress in Kozhikode on Thursday to kickstart the UDF’s election campaign in the state. –IHN-NN

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