WARNING: We will barge into their houses and kill them, says PM Modi — and how India found 300 men were killed in Balakot

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AHMEDABAD: Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Monday that those who indulged in anti-India acts abroad will be nailed and punished. The PM was addressing a large gathering at an event in Gandhinagar. Meanwhile reports emerged, quoting official sources, that India acted in the night of February 16 after it found out that some 300 mobile phone were active at the installations in Balakot, a short while before they were bombed by the IAF.

Indian fighter jets took off immediately after ascertaining that as many mobile phones were active at the in-house terror training centre that night. This was why it was let out that some 300 to 500 people inside the training centre perished in the bombing.

This possibly also prompted BJP chief Amit Shah to claim on Monday that at least 250 terrorists were killed in the bombing.

Referring to the Balakot IAF attack on a terror training centre after the Pulwama terror attack, Modi said India will go and trace out such perpetrators even if they hide in the bowels of the earth. Asserted the PM: “We will not be found wanting, when it comes to situations when strong decisions have to be taken.” He said no stone will remain unturned in the government’s attempts to target the Pakistan-based terrorists. “It is our principle to kill them by barging into their houses,” the Prime Minister said, adding “More action would follow.” –IHN-NN

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