MASOOD’S DAYS NUMBERED? PM Modi says what was done was a pilot project, the real will follow

NEW DELHI: A statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Thursday evening is seen as very significant. “A pilot project was recently carried out, now the real one will follow,” the prime minister told a gathering at Vijyan Bhavan here, in the course of an award distribution ceremony for outstanding scientists. Modi told them that similar to what scientists do for their plans, the government too would the same for its plans. The Prime Minister did not elaborate. 

The PM’s statement, Abhi Abhi Pilot Project Poora Hua Hai, Abhi Real Karna Hai, is likely to mean that India would now pull out or decimate Jaish chief Masood Azhar from the safety that the Pakistani generals are providing him. Such fears are widespread in Pakistan after the Balakot bombardment by the IAF. India might be thinking in terms of a replay of what the US did in Abbottabad to decimate Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, who had been given sanctuary in a deceitful act by the Pakistan military after the twin tower attacks in the US. Union finance minister Arun Jaitley had obliquely made a comment to this effect on the day of the Balakot bombardment. 

The Prime Minister refused to take a call from Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, in view of the heightened tensions in the sub continent. Khan made an effort on Wednesday too to talk to PM Modi, but did not succeed, according to one official source. 

Meanwhile, representatives of the three military services addressed a press meet in the capital and provided proof of Pakistan using F16 fighter jets to target and encroach into India to attack some key military installations. Military experts feel Pakistan aimed at staging a second attack on India’s military establishment in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir state. Now, the military brass held aloft proof of Pakistan having used F16s, to point out that the Islamic country has engaged in a serious violation of an agreement it had with the US when Americans armed Pakistan with F16s. 

The agreement was that these fighter jets would not be used in any purpose other than self defence; not in aggression. This would now be a major issue between Pakistan and the US, India reckons. By demonstrating this proof, India is obviously opening another front against Pakistan. 


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