INDIA-PAK: PM Modi to meet Service chiefs for review of preparedness; Imran to call Modi

Image Combo in  Dawn, Pakistan


NEW DELHI: Amid continuing acts of provocations along the LoC by Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be doing an emergency Security Review with the three Service chiefs – of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. National Security Adviser, Ajit Doval will be present among a select number of participants. The briefing will be around 7pm, before which it is likely that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will make a call to Indian Prime Minister. 

In Pakistan, public opinion is turning hugely against the political establishment for its callousness in allowing a free play for rogue elements like Masood Azhar — something that responsible elements in the Pakistani media and opinion makers there were hammering home for quite some years. After Narendra Modi came to power, the fear among these sections of another war with India grew. Nothing however put sense into the political leaderships in Pakistan. 

However, India is set to make it clear to Pakistan that its words meant little to India anymore. What India wants now is to directly target Masood Azhar, nothing less. It could be through the UN route or through other routes. If Pakistan is found to give him cover anymore, that too would be grave provocation. The Indian establishment would make this clear. That the Indian security forces can reach up to anywhere in Pakistan, as was demonstrated in Balakot, is what India’s bargaining chip with Pakistan would be in future. Behave or face retribution. –IHN-NN

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