FULL READINESS: India in full readiness, says chiefs of army, navy, air force


NEW DELHI: Service chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force held a joint briefing to the media here on Thursday evening, to explain the security situation along the western border. The following were the points.

Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor:
Several Pakistan Air Force fighter jets surfaced at around 10 AM over the skies above LoC on September 27.

They were targeting our military installations. We resisted and drove them out.

They were unable to cause any damage to these installations.

One F-16 of Pakistan was downed by Indian fire…

In Balakot, whatever we wanted to do, we did. It is premature to say how many people died in the attack there.

F-16s were used by Pakistan on Wednesday’s attempt through electronic signatures. Parts of AMRAAM  or air to air missile were recovered from Rajouri on the Indian side. (NOTE: This is against the pact Pakistan had signed with the US when it got F16s from America. As per pact, it was to be used only for defence, and not offence. Pakistan used it now to target India. Part of the agreement was also that Pakistan cannot make technical changes or alterations without US nod. Pakistan is found to have violated this as well. Hefty fines are imposed if violations are found.)

We understand that Wing Commander Abhinandan will be returned by Pakistan to India tomorrow.

Major General Surendra Singh Mahal:
Pakistan army resorted first to unprovoked firing on February 26. This was responded to by the Indian army in an appropriate manner.

The nation is fully prepared to face any provocation… 

Navy rear admiral DS Gujral:
Navy  in high state of readiness…on surface, underseas… to defeat any design by Pakistan, says Navy chief. IHN-NN

The scene outside the Union Ministry of Defence, just before a media meet was addressed by the three service chiefs Thursday.
Evidence on display

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