WE’RE ONE FAMILY: Priyanka takes charge as Congress general secretary, but after dropping husband Vadra at Enforcement Directorate office for questioning


NEW DELHI: Newly nominated Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi took charge at the AICC headquarters here Wednesday morning — but she did so after dropping her husband Robert Vadra at the Enforcement Directorate office where he was summoned for questioning. This was in connection with a case in which he is accused of money laundering for illegally acquiring assets abroad. 

At the ED office, Vadra underwent questioning for closed to six hours, and returned home by evening. Some days ago, a local court had asked him to appear before the investigating agencies. 

Priyanka and Vadra rode up to the ED office at Jamnagar House in a white Toyota Land Cruiser. After dropping him there, Priyanka headed for the AICC headquarters. After taking over as party general secretary, she explained to the media that she would stand by her husband. “He is my husband, I stand by my family,” she said.

By this gesture, she and the Nehru family seemed to be sending out a loud message that the Coingress party as well as the family would stand solidly behind any move by any government agency to harass Vadra in any manner. IHN-NN

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