VVIP COPTER SCAM: UAE extradites Rajiv Saxena for trial in AgustaWestland case

NEW DELHI: In a fresh development in the AgustaWestland VVIP helicopter scam, one of the principal accused Rajiv Saxena was extradited to India from the United Arab Emirates, Wednesday evening. He is the second accused to be extradited to India from the UAE, the first being Christian Michel, who was packed off to India in December last. 

Also extradited to India Wednesday was Deepak Talwar, who had fled to Dubai some time ago, after he was investigated for concealing income of Rs 1,000crore he is believed to have got as commissions in aviation deals during the UPA period. He is suspected to have played a role in laundering bribe money in the Augusta Westland deal.

The helicopter deal was of the order of Rs 3,600crore. Saxena’s lawyers alleged that the normal extradition procedure was not followed in Saxena’s case, and he was picked up from his residence and put into a private jet to be flown to India. His lawyers quoted his family to say he was not allowed even to fetch his medicines. 

Saxena is director of Matrix Holdings Dubai. ED had arrested him earlier. he also runs a consultancy and chartered accountants firm in Dubai. A charge against him is that bribe money of $28million was routed through his company to Defence officials. Another $42million was routed to politicans in India via a firm run by Christian Michel, as per the charge sheet. The total bribe money that changed hands was, thus, to the order of $70million. IHN-NN

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