ACCIDENTAL PM: Controversial biopic releasing in 1400 theatres worldwide today; humour and more in store

NEW DELHI: Anupam Kher starrer Accidental Prime Minister is releasing in theatres Friday, braving protests from Congress and winning a nod from court. The controversial film depicts the season of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister between 2004 and 2014, a time when Congress president Sonia Gandhi pulled the strings from behind and Singh was seen as a puppet in her hands.
The film, based on a book by the same name written by Sanjaya Baru, who served as media adviser to the PM for a period, is politically sensitive. It is seen with suspicion by the Congress, which feels facts could be distorted. The BJP says this is a tale of how a family held the nation to ransom for a decade. Pankaj Pachauri, who took over from Baru as media advisor to Singh, termed it a “(Baru’s) fiction turned into another fiction.” Manmohan Singh, as is his wont, kept mum and made no comment on the film. The film presents him facing odds but remaining internally strong when it came to crunch. Overall, he’s presented in a good light, caught in the pressure of the times.
There’s no Sardarji if there’s no humour. The film promises fulsome humour; and trailors haven’t revealed even a bit of it. It is here that the Congress party is more concerned, and all eyes are riveted to.
The original Hindi version of the film has been released for show on over 1400 screens across the world. Tamil and Telugu versions will be released on January 18, while the date for release of the English version is yet to be decided. The film on its release day today is expected to gross Rs three to four crore worldwide.
A local court in Bihar has intervened in the matter through a PIL, but the release would not be affected. Thursday, the Supreme Court refused to take up urgent hearing of a plea against a Delhi high court order on January 7 which rejected a petition seeking a ban on the trailer of the film. It had sought, among other things, a suspension of the release of the film until the court heard the case.
Anupam Kher said this is a revolutionary film. “For the first time, we are making a film based on real life characters with real names. This was the most difficult role in my career,” he said. –IHN-NN

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