WHO YOU?: Mahatma’s great grandson questions Rahul about his misuse of Gandhi name, says there is no Hindu and Gandhi in Rahul


NEW DELHI: Mahatma Gandhi’s great grandson, Shrikrishna Kulkarni, has come up with a request to Congress president Rahul Gandhi to stop misusing or appropriating the name of Gandhi or the Mahatma Gandhi legacy.

Shrikrishna Kulkarni

In a facebook post addressed to Rahul Gandhi, Kulkarni said, “You are not from the Gandhi family. You (the Nehru family) have fooled too many people in India for too long using the Gandhi name (as a honorific suffix, or clan name). Stop it now.”Kulkarni’s facebook post came in response to Rahul Gandhi putting the blame on RSS for the killing of father of nation Mahatma Gandhi. 

Nathuram Godse, who was with an RSS-linked outfit, had shot the Mahatma to death during a prayer meeting at the Birla Mandir in New Delhi on 30 January 1948 –some five months after India gained Independence from the British. RSS however denied being a party to the killing, and termed it as an act of an individual or a group having done this on their own volition. The controversy however refused to die down.

Noted Kulkarni in his post: ” FerozeGandhi (father of Rahul’s father the late Rajiv Gandhi) was the  son of a Gujarati Pathan, Nawab Khan of Junagadh; and his wife was a Parsi, who had converted to Islam.” (For strange reasons, Indira Gandhi’s husband was always referred to as a Parsi, and the Muslim link remained hidden from public discourse).

Added Kulkarni: “Your grandmother Indira was also a Muslim, she having converted (upon marriage with Feroz) to Islam.” 

As per published records, the two got married at the height of a love affair, in a London mosque. There, Indira got converted to Islam, and acquired a Muslim name.

The marriage between Feroze and Indira was formalised by a ‘desi‘ ritual in India, in which Mahatma Gandhi acted as Feroze’s patron, as his family stayed away. Hence, Feroze acquired the Gandhi title to his name. His ‘khan’ title was conveniently erased. Indira’s father, PM Nehru, wanted as much. Hence, Indira Nehru became Indira Gandhi, and took the Gandhi name to her future family members, including Sanjay Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. The “Nehru” family name was discarded to allegedly appropriate a more people-respected “Gandhi” clan name.

The carefully crafted mix of aura surrounding the Nehru and Gandhi family helped Indira Gandhi and her future generations to claim theirs as the First Family in India with added zeal and wield larger political influence.

Stated Kulkarni: “You (Rahul) are a mixture of a Muslim and Christian. There is no Rahul or Gandhi in you.” 

“I am putting this on the public domain, as someone from the Gandhi family has to call your bluff. Stop fooling people. You are no Gandhi.”

The family of Mahatma Gandhi was sidelined with rare zeal after his assassination. Hardly anyone was allowed to hog limelight, while Nehru made his daughter the president of the Congress party, pressing the Nehru family stamp simultaneously on both the Indian Government –with himself as PM — and on the Congress party, where his daughter sat as its president. This helped cement the Brahminical overlordship of India after the British left here. The entire bureaucracy, at its top, with rare exceptions, are composed of Brahmins. 

The Congress party, during the Freedom struggle, was led by two major forces — the Brahmins led by Motilal Nehru, a Kashmiri Pandit whose family had come down from Kashmir and settled down in Allahabad — and the Banias, the trading community, from whose ranks sprang Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who later came to be described as Mahatma Gandhi by virtue of his good mind and good deeds for the nation and its people. There are those who believe that this rift finally led to the elimination of Mahatma Gandhi from the public life and political scene, even as he had dissociated himself from politics after Independence. 

Kulkarni’s facebook post is seen as the first open protest from the Gandhi family clan to the “appropriation” of the Gandhi legacy by the Nehru family to turn it into a more potent political force. The Nehru family through the instrument of the Congress party ruled India for much of the past 70 years of India after Independence, with rare exceptions. Even when Dr Manmohan Singh functioned as Prime Minister, he was seen as a prop of the “first family”, with reins firmly in the hands of Sonia Gandhi as Congress president and a coterie of Nehru family supporters who are firmly entrenched in the power circuit in Delhi through generations. They virtually called all the shots. The arrival of the RSS-backed BJP and Narendra Modi made a difference to this situation. IHN-NN

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